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About laboratory

The laboratory was created at MIPT in 2011 as part of the work in the framework of the Russian government grant “Measures to Attract Leading Scientists to Russian Educational Institutions” (contract No. 11.G34.31.0072).

Research interests of the laboratory include hypersonic flows, computational fluid dynamics, design of space vehicles and CAD systems.

Main goal of the laboratory is to develop a computational package for mathematical modeling of problems of high-altitude hypersonic aerodynamics of future space vehicles in the complete range of Reynolds and Knudsen numbers. The distinguishing feature of the package will be a unique combination of accurate and efficient numerical methods together with the inclusion of real non-equilibrium physics in the wide range of flow regimes of hypersonic vehicles.

Planned scientific outcomes of the laboratory: development of applied programs for computational modeling of chemically and thermodynamically non-equilibrium hypersonic flows and heat/mass transfer in the free-molecular, transitional and continuum flow regimes for real-life configurations of space vehicles using the unified physical and mathematical models.

Leading staff of the laboratory

  • Head: Sergei Utyuzhnikov, PhD, DSc, FIMA, Professor of Computational Mathematics
  • Deputy Head: V.A. Titarev, Ph.D. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • Deputy Head: Kudrashov A.V., deputy dean FFKE MIPT
  • Leader of FALT branch of the laboratory: I.V. Egorov, DSc, Professor, Corresponding member of RAS